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Legend of the Seeker

Song: David Usher feat. Kim Bingham - Black, Black Heart

Pairing: Cara x Kahlan

Vidder: VoicesInDream

Vidder Notes:

Hello guys, long time no see :p Because of the all deletes and other unpleasant things which happens on YT, seems like part of my vidder nature had died =( But I’m here today and I want to thank all my new subscribers (200, WOW!). I hope that you like what I make :3

Storyline: Kahlan Amnell is the Mother Confessor, which means that she wasn’t the one who went to Westland to find the Seeker. And this had its consequences. Darken Rahl, offered Kahlan a peaceful capitulation, but received a refusal, after what sent its troops in Aydindril, taking city and the Mother Confessor.

Kahlan sent in D’hara as a trophy for Rahl’s winning over the Midlands .Mother confessor becomes the property of the D’hara ruler, because with rada’han around her neck she’s powerless against the pressure from his side.

Captured in People’s Palace, after some time Kahlan came closer with one of Mord’Sith - Cara and soon it turned into something more than the usual friendly support from woman in red. Rumors soon came to Darken and he ordered to punish Cara for her actions. Sisters of the Agiel cut her hair and went to the Mord’Sith temple, where, under control of Denna she had to be re-broken.

Meanwhile, in Westland finally named the Seeker - the only man who can defeat Darken Rahl. In the fight with Rahl Richard Cypher wins and frees Kahlan. Confessor thanks him but with it leave - she doesn’t know this man and there is nothing that binds them together. Palace is destroyed and D’Hara lost it’s power.

Cara escape the temple where most of Mord’Sith confused because of the loss of bond with their master.
Cara and Kahlan meets again on their way to nowhere.”

The music’s a little jumpy, but it’s an interesting AU the vid tells.


Asami and Korra <3 thispairingissoimportantiwanttodrawmore

Oh, nice. I love this style.

The Black Widow has never needed anyone watching her back, but she doesn’t mind so much when it’s her kick-ass girlfriend.

Oh, yes.

Oh my… Look at this… How they smile at each other… These ladies are PERFECTION.

So adorable.

Oh my… Look at this… How they smile at each other… These ladies are PERFECTION.

So adorable.


Korra & Asami - Someone to come home to.

Oh, I like this.


So after running this tumblr and the Lesbrary for a couple years, I’ve gathered together a couple lists of specific lesbian (etc) books about specific topics, and I’ve stumbled on some similar lists other people have made. In order to keep them a little more…

I love book lists. :D

So cute.


The Big Gay Distraction Season 4 Supercut

a.k.a. The best rookie blue episode ever.

Here’s how you download it

Oh, I like this, a good intro to their relationship.

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